Refrigerator repairIt’s usually very important to seek prompt attention from an expert whenever an appliance is “acting up”, but this becomes more crucial than ever when you’re contending with a not working freezer or fridge. Unlike dishwashers and also laundry area appliances, which are generally not absolute necessities, the refrigerator is an essential of practically each and every modern-day household. It is in use regularly, maintaining food fresh, delicious, and also safe. Whenever those machines break down, homeowners are at the danger for a big number of spoilage if they do not seek the attention of a refrigerator repair expert right away. Since 1999, the team here at Appliance Medic, Inc. has been offering consumers throughout Rockland and Bergen counties, professional refrigerator repairs. Besides outstanding know-how, all of our clients enjoy affordable rates and also services from friendly, informative team of techs with more than 14 yrs of training and direct refrigerator expertise.