Can’t Afford Repairs? We’ll Fix It For Free.

If you are among those people who struggle every day to survive in this money-driven world, the last thing you need is to go to the stove to prepare for cooking only to realize that the appliance is not working anymore. Even worse, you might realize that your fridge is on its last legs and your washing machine breaks down and fails to wash your clothes.

Zalmen Pollak knows what it’s like to have the most important appliances of your house give up on you when you can barely afford to put food on the table. With the Appliance Medic team at his side, Zalmen Pollak offers charity repairs and appliance repair training for the least fortunate who can’t afford to get their appliances fixed. They offer these free services in different cities in the U.S. so if you cannot afford repairs or if you know someone who is in that situation, let us know.

Buying a home or a new appliance is easy but maintaining them is little bit difficult task. Appliance-medic is one of the leading appliance repair service, We have extensive experience in appliance repairs and has been servicing clients from Rockland County, NY and Bergen Country NJ. For over 14 years, we have given these areas notable appliance repair services and commitment to quality and value.

We know everybody cannot hire a professional for repair as its a costly method, We at Appliance-medic give free service for the needy ones or the one who cannot afford the services but need the appliance repaired urgently.. Also we give training to people who want to learn and serve the world with their skills. We have trained around 100 of candidate who are now part of big firms and serving the world.

We have a dedicated team who works for free and help in our training program. Professionals in our team is one of the best technicians who love to serve people and impart knowledge. Joining our training program we ensure that you we give knowledge of latest technologies with field experience. Our technician will take you to field with them after theory classes and help you to get knowledge of each and every aspect of appliance repair.

Want to get service for free or want to join our training program, contact me.