Free Orchestra For Who Can’t Afford One

If you could barely afford to set up a small wedding or Bar Mitzvah, hiring an orchestra to play live and entertain the guests might be next to impossible. But don’t worry! Zalmen Pollak understands your problem and can offer you a solution that won’t cost you anything. In March of 2004, Zalmen founded his own orchestra to play music for free for those who cannot afford it for their events. Our group was recognized during 2011 and 2013 as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. So if you want to have music and dancing at your event or you want to help someone you know who can’t afford an orchestra, tell us! We will play for free, just to make people happy.

I love helping people who live in sub-human condition. I love smile on faces, to get this smile we play orchestra on different occasions like wedding. If you cannot afford an orchestra team we are there who would love to play it for you. We have played in more than 100 parties and have played in Bars as well.

I love music and playing orchestra is my passion. I just converted my passion into humanity by playing it for poor one. My main is to have smile on all those who cannot afford orchestra in their special occasion.

We also organise fund raising events for different purpose.